the best fast food in langkawi kedah, the best dinner in langkawi kedah

Crispy Pop
RM6.00 - RM7.00
4 sold
Strips Chicken
RM7.50 - RM12.90
1 sold
Kid's Burger Meal
1 Kid’s Burger ,1 Fries (R) and 1 Drink
RM9.90 - RM11.90
3 sold
Fish Sandwich Burger Combo
1 Fish Sandwich Burger ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM13.90 - RM15.90
1 sold
3pcs Grilled Chicken Combo
3pcs Grilled Chicken ,1 Golden Rice ,1 Fries (L) ,1Garlic Paste and 1 Drink
RM20.90 - RM22.90
3pcs Strips Combo
3pcs Strips ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM12.90 - RM14.90
Spaghetti Royale Combo
1 Spaghetti Royale,1 Fries (L) ,1 Can Drink
RM17.90 - RM19.90
2 sold
Spring Roll
Crispy hand wrapped pastry rolls with a Vegetable
RM6.90 - RM15.90
Fried Chicken
RM9.80 - RM72.90
1 sold
Crispy Chicken Meal
 1pc Fried Chicken,1 Fries (R) and 1 Drink
RM9.90 - RM11.90
Black Charcoal Chicken Burger Combo
1 Charcoal Chicken Burger ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM18.90 - RM20.90
1 sold
9pcs Grilled Chicken Combo
9pcs Grilled Chicken,2 Golden Rice,1 Fries (L),3 Garlic Paste and 1 Bottle Drink
5pcs Strips Combo
5pcs Strips ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM16.90 - RM18.90
Mimic Crunchy Treat Combo
1 Mimic Crunchy, 1 Fried Chicken, 1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM19.90 - RM21.90
1 sold
Seafood Roll
Soya skin wrap with Filament Stick,Chicken,Turnip,Yam and Onion
RM9.90 - RM21.90
1 sold
Crispy Pop Porridge
Porridge with 6pcs Cripsy Pop
4 sold