the best dinner in langkawi kedah

Chicken Samosa
Fried Pastry with a Chicken Curry Potato
RM9.90 - RM21.90
Crispy Pop Meal
1 Cup Chickpops ,1 Fries (R) and 1 Drink
RM9.90 - RM11.90
1 sold
Vege Burger Combo
1 VegeBurger ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM13.90 - RM15.90
1 sold
Crunchy Treat Double Combo
1 Mimic Crunchy Burger,3pcs Fried Chicken,2 Fries (L) and 2 Drink
RM34.90 - RM38.90
1 sold
Roasted Chicken Rice
1pc Roaster Chicken,1 Chicken Rice, Soup,Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce
40 sold
Money Roll
Soya skin wrap with Turnip,Carrot,Squid Paste and Salted Egg
RM10.50 - RM14.50
2pcs Strips Kids Meal
2pcs Strips ,1 Fries (R) and 1 Drink
RM9.90 - RM11.90
Mushroom Vege Burger Combo
1 Mushroom VegeBurger ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM13.90 - RM15.90
2pcs Grilled Chicken Combo
2pcs Grilled Chicken,1 Golden Rice,1 Fries (L),1Garlic Paste and 1 Drink
RM17.90 - RM19.90
Party Meal
15pcs Fried Chicken,1 Mashed Potatoes (L),1 Coleslaw (L) and 1 Bottle Drink
1 sold
3pcs Chicken Combination Meal
1pc Spicy Chicken ,1pc Original Chicken ,1pc Grill Chicken ,1 Fries (L) ,1 Can Drink
RM16.90 - RM18.90
Otak Spring Roll
Crispy hand wrapped pastry rools with a Squid meat filling
RM9.90 - RM21.90
Beef Vegan Burger Combo