the best dinner in langkawi kedah

Grilled Chicken
Spaghetti Kid's Meal
1 Spaghetti Delight,1 Fries (R) and 1 Drink
RM11.90 - RM13.90
Black Charcoal Beef Burger Combo
1 Charcoal Beef Burger ,1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink
RM19.90 - RM21.90
15pcs Grilled Chicken Combo
15pcs Grilled Chicken,3 Golden Rice,2 Fries (L) ,4 Garlic Paste and 1 Bottle Drink
King Wrap Treat Combo
1 King Wrap, 1 Grill Chicken, 1 Fries (L) and 1 Drink 
RM19.90 - RM21.90
1 sold
Curry Chicken Rice
  1pc Chicken Curry and 1 Chicken Rice
Five Star Roll
Soya skin wrap with Chicken Meat,Filament Stick,Seaweed Skin,Turnip,Squid Paste and Salted Egg
RM13.90 - RM15.90
1 sold